Your Community Needs You!


Your Website Needs You! is all about you, your village and your community, so we want to hear from you.

We are slowly building the site to be an online representation of the whole community, covering news stories, magazine articles and events that are of interest to us all, to achieve this we need to create content of interest to everyone. This does not mean that every article or story will appeal to everyone, but that everyone feels their voice is represented and echoed by some content, and if this is not the case, that you can work with us to reflect your voice. We have only just started this journey, the site has only very recently been relaunched, and we are still making changes, and shaping it for the needs and wishes of the community, make your voice count. Help us to build the website that you want, and deserve.

If you live in Wraysbury or Horton, have a desire to help your community and a wish to get involved then I’m sure we can find something to suit you. We particularly want to reach out to younger writers and budding journalists; and to anyone who feels their voice is not normally represented within the community. No technical skills are required, you need commit no more time than you wish, but it will give an opportunity for you to be involved and help set the agenda.

Your involvement can be as little as forwarding an occasional article from another news or social media source, to writing a 2000 word article every month, from one interaction in a year to joining the editorial team and spending several hours every week creating and crafting the output.

We endeavour to reach the highest standards for the site, we don’t print hearsay, we ensure all our reporting is from verified sources, any submissions will only be printed once approved by the editorial team, who are ourselves governed by a management committee. (See About Us) is about the whole community, it’s about all our voices and we want as many of you to be involved as possible. If you wish to be involved, or to find out more, please contact us.

My name is Simon Carter, I am the editor. I have been committed to the Wraysbury & Horton community in several ways for the last 29 years. I owned the Village Pharmacy and worked on the High Street for 28 years, I have been an active volunteer and active with WHVC for many years, I’m a trustee for Wraysbury Parochial Charities and a huge fan of this amazing community that it has been my privilege to serve. I believe we can make our villages even more cohesive, I believe we can involve more people and better support our local businesses, clubs and societies, and through the process additionally build a stronger, safer, happier community. I have over the last couple of months started this journey, we have a management committee, to ensure the values and goals of the website are maintained, and I, and all editors are completely answerable to them. Now we need to reach out to you, to join us, to help us. Thank you.

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1 Response

  1. David Buckley says:

    Hi Simon (
    I would be happy to help you on your website as it needs mobile optimisation (75% of all communications are on mobile devices). This will help younger and more technology based residents to connect with and give everyone a better user experience.
    I would not be looking for any remuneration but to support the village community and using the website is a bit clunky. IMO
    I would be happy to meet for a coffee to discuss if that would work for you.
    All the best