Main Cast (Image – Wraysbury Players)

Rapunzel is letting her hair down in Wraysbury as locals come together to perform the much-loved panto.

Performed by Wraysbury Players, who were first established in 1966, the panto is one of many they have put on over the years to mark the end of January.

A long-time member of Wraysbury Players and co-director for this year’s annual pantomime Lynn Holden said: “We always put on a Panto at the end of January when we could all do with a bit of cheer.”

This year they will be performing Rapunzel, which tells the story of a baby kidnapped by a wicked witch and locked in a tower for eighteen years.

In this pantomime, Rapunzel is ‘decidedly feisty’ and refuses to give her ‘mother’ the golden tears she wants for her collection.  The only way in and out of the tower is for Rapunzel to let down her lengthy locks…or is it?

Organisers boast the audience will be treated to colourful characters including kings, queens, an unwitting hero, an anxiety-ridden dame, an over-achieving scout, pirates and a very naughty weasel, resulting in a show that organisers claim will have ‘all ages laughing on so many levels’.

The Band (Image – Wraysbury Players)

The panto is written by Ben Crocker, performed by arrangement with Ben Crocker Pantomimes and adapted to the vision of Co-Directors, Nigel Handyside and Lynn Holden.

Wraysbury Players will be performing the panto with support from The Performance Dance Academy who has choreographed routines to enhance the pantomime.

The production also features a live band featuring a pianist and drummer.

Rapunzel will be performed on stage at Wraysbury Village Halls from January 26 to January 28.

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Early rehearsals of Rapunzel (Image: Wraysbury Players)