Windsor & Maidenhead at risk of second lockdown

Windsor and Maidenhead are amongst 36 places believed to be at risk of a second lockdown, following Leicester, because of rising incidences of coronavirus.


Lets all be very sensible, follow the advice, stay 2m apart, wear face masks in public areas and protect our vulnerable and elderly. We are all bored and fed up with the situation, but the quickest way for us all to return to normal, is by eradicating this virus from our midst. It can only exist by jumping from host to host, if we all remain distanced, it has nowhere to go…

As a community we have done incredibly well thus far, we have pulled together and supported each other, but the fight is not won yet, but we did win the first round on points, now is not the time to lower our guard or become complacent, if not for yourself, follow the rules for your neighbours, and for the vulnerable amongst us. 2m is 2m, about 6 feet, this is the closest you should ever get to anyone who is not in your household, where you cannot remain consistently 2m apart a face mask, protective screen or other protection should be used, this is not for fun, it is to protect you, them, all of us from spreading this killer disease. If we can all just maintain this simple rule, especially as more businesses open, we can stop the spread. The hairdressers, pubs and other businesses opening is not the end of this epidemic, it is us trying to adapt to live with it, to enable life to continue, and us all to get a much needed haircut and well deserved pint, it does not mean we can relax the need for social distancing. If local cases continue to rise we may not get to get the fresh trim, and a pint next week may be the last for a while… not to mention the impact a second lockdown would have on our local community and businesses.

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