Scam Aware Campaign – Relationship Fraud

If someone you met online asks you for your personal information, it’s most likely a scam. STOP, CHALLENGE and PROTECT.
If a person you’ve met online asks for personal information or offers you a pre-paid or Supplementary Card, it is most likely a scam.
While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use dating sites or social media apps and chat rooms to create fake profiles.

Scammers will not ask you for your details upfront. They will spend a lot of time, months even, building your trust and playing on your emotions until it feels safe for you to share your personal information with them.

They might offer you additional income or a credit or pre-paid card and tell you they will pay for it.

They might ask you to pay for expenses or to send them gift cards because of unexpected problems they have to resolve urgently.


Take a moment. Evaluate the situation before taking any action. Sharing your personal information may facilitate
another person’s access to your bank or credit card account.


Be aware that a genuine person would not shy away from video calls or meetings in person.



Wraysbury Voluntary care will offer advice. Call them on 01784 482515


If the person you have met online is asking you for personal information, financial help or gift cards, reach out to someone you trust to speak about it. Do not hesitate to contact your bank or card issuer for further advice.


Thanks to American Express

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