Scaled-back Plans to Build Homes on Floodplain on Land To The South of Old Ferry Drive Wraysbury And Land At 19 Old Ferry Drive

Scaled-back plans to build homes on the floodplain return at Old Ferry Drive, Wraysbury (22/03431/OUT).

The potential layout of the scheme (Image: .)

A developer is attempting to take another stab at building new homes on the green space south of the road after its previous scheme for 32 dwellings was withdrawn.

Under the fresh scheme, applicant known as ‘Mr William Fowles’ wants to build four two-storey detached homes. Planning officers are only considering if they agree with the development in principle and the layout and scale of the homes.

A previous plan for 32 homes was withdrawn following backlash from residents over flooding fears, its impact on the green belt, and the “poor” layout.

But with this new scaled-back scheme, the developer hopes it has relieved concerns and any other issues raised can be tinkered with in the backdrop until a final application is submitted.

The full planning application can be viewed at ref: 22/03431/OUT.

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