Pumpkins to open as usual in The Hub

Picture: Margaret Lenton of WPC and Kellie Fairhall after signing a new lease at The Hub. Image©Dianne Cramner


Pumpkins preschool in Wraysbury has reassured parents that it will open as usual on Monday despite rumours circulating about its future.

Pumpkins Preschool will open at its usual home, The Hub in Wraysbury, formerly The Baptist Church,

The future of the preschool had been thrown into uncertainty when Kellie Fairhall, who runs the preschool, found a “notice of forfeiture” on its door on the last day of term (Friday, February 10).

A letter, shared on Pumpkins Preschool’s Facebook page, says: “The landlord has today re-entered Wraysbury Baptist Church.

“As a consequence of the re-entry, the lease is forfeited and the premises have been secured.”

A press release from Wraysbury Parish Council was later shared on social media stating: “Pumpkins Preschool has decided to relocate to the St Andrews Church Hall Wraysbury.”

However, it appears Pumpkins Preschool did not terminate its lease and Kellie has now reassured parents that the preschool will return as normal following the February half-term.

Kellie said: “Pumpkins Wraysbury is continuing at The Hub – we’ve just signed the new lease.

“We will be opening on Monday.”

Speaking about the developments over the last week Kellie said: “My priority was the families and the children – not my business. It was my priority to get them a place to come back to.

“A lot of them are dependent – we have a lot of children with speech delay and social skills problems as a lot of them were born in Covid.

“They need preschool and a lot of our families work and to find childcare within our local community where preschools are full is difficult.

“My priority was to make sure we could continue for our children, families and the staff.”

Wraysbury Parish Council Clerk Jane Clemance said: “Wraysbury Parish Council is pleased to confirm that Pumpkins Preschool will be reopening at the Wraysbury Baptist Church on Monday following the signing of the new lease.”


By Daisy Waites

Royal Borough Observer

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