Police success in reducing Wraysbury Burglaries

At the Wraysbury Annual Parish meeting on Monday 27th March there was a presentation by Thames Valley Police on the recent spate of burglaries in Wraysbury. The police told us they have apprehended the suspected offenders in London, and are currently working to identify the recovered property, and return it to the victims. Obviously this is an on-going operation.

Between 1st of September 2022 and 14th March 2023 there were 28 reports of burglaries in Wraysbury, some details of which are listed in the attached printout (Clicking on the image will give a larger view).

The details of the locations and timings of the burglaries can be seen on the second printout image.

Since the apprehension of the suspected culprits on March 7th, there hasn’t been any reported burglary in Wraysbury, this is obviously excellent news.

Obviously if the police have apprehended these offenders, this doesn’t mean that others aren’t intent in breaking into our homes, we should all take this opportunity to look at our security, and do what we can to improve it.

The police also gave out these cards:

[email protected]

Email them to arrange a free visit and guidance on how you might improve your home security. Let’s enjoy the drop in burglaries in the village, but be sensible to the risks in the future, and keep us all safer.

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