ONS Crime figures, Thames Valley 32/43.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released the crime figures for England & Wales, for year ending September 2022. Ranking the crime rates from highest risk Cleveland (139.6 crimes per 1000 population) to the lowest Wiltshire (58.1 crimes per 1000 population). Thames Valley was comfortably below the average (92.6/1000) with a crime rate of 73.8/1000. There are 43 Police Areas, and Thames Valley total crime rate ranked us in 32nd place.

The figures are for total crimes, and obviously within these figures there are a range of severity of the crimes.Thames Valley police reported a total 179,457 crimes, of which 66,450 were violence against the person (37%) including 21 homicides and 17,780 involving injury (7.3 per 1000 population which compares with an average rate of 9.7/1000).

The only crime area where Thames Valley had higher rate than the average was Bicycle Theft at 4,374 incidents (1.8/1000) vs an average rate in England and Wales of 1.3/1000. The national average rate for robbery was 1.2/1000 where as Thames Valley was only a 3rd of this at 0.4/1000.

Thames Valley Crime Rates

Rate /1000 population England & Wales Rate /1000 population Thames Valley
Total recorded crime (excluding fraud) 92.6 73.8
Violence against the person 35.8 27.3
Homicide 0 0
Violence with injury 9.7 7.3

without injury

14 11
Stalking and harassment 12 9
Death or serious injury – unlawful driving 0 0
Sexual offences 3.3 2.7
Robbery 1.2 0.4
Theft offences 27.4 22.6
Burglary 4.6 2.9
Residential burglary 3.3 2.0
Non-residential burglary 1.4 1.0
Vehicle offences 6.6 5.8
Theft from the person 1.7 1.2
Bicycle theft 1.3 1.8
Shoplifting 5.1 4.3
Criminal damage and arson 9.1 7.0
Drug offences 3.0 2.3
Possession of weapons offences 0.9 0.5
Public order offences 10.0 9.7
Miscellaneous crimes against society 1.9 1.2


Overall we can sleep well at night, the crime rate locally is almost certainly lower than the average within Thames Valley Police Area, which is significantly lower than the national average. However we shouldn’t be complacent, we should be vigilant and all work together to stay aware and deter crime locally, and maybe make sure you lock your bike up!


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Complete ONS dataset and applicable notes available here.

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