Local C-19 rate still very high, but falling….

The rate locally has reduced from 820 to 620 per 100,000. This still means more than 50 cases in our local area in the last week, but the numbers are falling which must be good news. Our recent efforts in controlling the infection are working, and we must all work individually to maintain this decline. So long as we all continue to act as if we might have the infection, and everyone else we encounter likewise may be infectious (bear in mind that one in three infections have no symptoms…) so this scenario is not ridiculous. Only go out if you really have to, and always wear a mask whenever you are near anyone outside your household especially as it is now believed to spread rapidly via exhaled droplets. But bear in mind, we are making progress, the vaccine rollout is progressing well locally and so as numbers fall and the risks to our elderly and vulnerable residents reduce, the overall picture improves significant, but it will take time. Well done, a corner has hopefully been turned, but we must continue our efforts.

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