Local buses – Make your voice count


RBWM have announced a consultation on the future of buses in the borough and are asking for your view on the initial shaping goals.

Even if you don’t use the buses, please be aware many of our community are dependent on them.

This is our opportunity to influence the vision, we need to ensure that the small villages remain central to that vision, the more responses, the more likely they are to pay attention to our need.

We need better transport, we need more buses and trains, most people drive cars, because they feel they are essential, many families in the villages are lucky enough to have several cars, but we could all reduce our carbon-footprint, our costs, and improve our community cohesion if we travelled together on buses and trains more of the time. To do this we need a reliable, dependable and frequent service. If that’s what we want, let’s tell them so. This is your chance!

Please take 2 minutes to read through:

Vision Themes and Directions of Travel.pdf (195 KB) (pdf)

You will need to keep it open, whilst you complete the Survey at:

Local Transport Plan Vison and Themes survey 


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