Influenza Cases Increasing

The reported levels of flu have increased significantly over the last few weeks, (24% in last week) and we are seeing cases locally, so if you should have had the jab, but have been putting it off, don’t act now! NHS officials are concerned that the outbreak might peak around the Christmas festive period putting further pressure on NHS resources.

If you do think you have flu (or a bad cold, or Norovirus…) DO NOT visit the surgery, hospital or pharmacy. Stay indoors, stay warm, drink plenty of fluids and send somebody who is not unwell to the pharmacy. We have many unwell patients in hospitals and surgeries, catching influenza could well be fatal to them… There is no cure, the best protection is the jab, which needs to be used before exposure, but you can purchase some products to reduce symptoms, and make the sufferer more comfortable.

If you become very concerned about anyone suffering from flu, especially the elderly, or those already suffering chronic conditions, call NHS 111 for guidance on how to proceed. If necessary they can send urgent care, or arrange a safer admission to hospital… however if they advise staying at home, please do so, but again call them back should symptoms get worse.

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