COVID-19 Rate locally exceeds 800/100,000

The COVID-19 rate in Wraysbury (& Old Windsor) is now 833/100,000 and with the new variant spreading so easily it is vitally important we all follow all the rules. We have a significant elderly and BME population in our village, please act responsibly. The NHS locally is under unprecedented pressure and we can all help by staying home, and seeing NOBODY from outside your household. With 1 in 3 spreaders being symptom free, getting closer than 2m to anyone outside your bubble is a risk to you and your household. It is especially sobering when one thinks that when some European countries had rates exceeding 20/100,000 our government said it was too dangerous to visit them… If you do need any assistance, then Wraysbury¬† & Horton Voluntary Care have local volunteers who can assist you, call them on 01784 482515. Up to date information on the local pandemic situation is available here or via our front page.

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