COVID-19 don’t panic!

COVID-19 – Don’t panic!
As we move from containment of the outbreak to community transmission we need to act sensibly and responsibly.
Don’t panic-buy or hoard, all the essentials are available in the local shops and we should be able to supply all the village needs for the duration of the epidemic. There is no need to stock-pile, just buy it as you need it.
We at the pharmacy have plenty of Hand Sanitiser, or can refill your old sanitiser bottle, to save plastic!
We also have plenty of Masks, Calpol, Paracetamol tissues and other products which I know are not available in many of the larger stores…
If we all work together and support each other we will all be fine.

Please be aware we need to protect the vulnerable within our community, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, especially respiratory disease. Ensure you wash your hands often, whenever you come indoors and wash them thoroughly (20 seconds…) only touch your face with washed hands and stay at least a metre from other people and 2m from anyone that is showing symptoms (coughing sneezing etc) Use a hand sanitiser when you are not able to use soap and water, especially after contacting high risk surfaces… Those surfaces touched by many people, shop counters, cash, toilet doors…
Spray surfaces like the front door handle, car door handle etc regularly with an effective antiviral agent (alcohol or peroxide) antibacterial wipes do not generally work against viruses! Ask at the pharmacy if unsure.
When out in public spaces, you are unlikely to contract a viral infection without close contact with someone, it typically takes 10 minutes sharing an enclosed space, or physically contacting bodily fluids (so bin those tissues!!) If in a vulnerable category only go out to a crowded place if you really have to, try and send someone less at risk, but if you have to go, you might want to use a face mask, they do not remove the need for scrupulous hand hygiene, but can reduce the transmission significantly, and form a barrier not only to inhaled droplets but also to contaminated fingers if you do touch your face.
There is no need to panic or worry, we just need to be careful, and sensible. If you are worried, then speak to us at the pharmacy, we are here to help and support you.

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