During lockdown Benta Hickley has been hard at work: not content to turn her considerable talents to the production of facemasks, which were given to frontline stalwarts, such as Aran and his team in the post office, she also started stitch-doodling – (Sorry, I’m pretty sure I made that word up!) creating little “Gingerbread” men characters in the various guises of the amazing personalities, key workers and supporters from the Covid-19 response within Horton and Wraysbury. (To see the amazing range click here) As each was completed, the figure was featured on the Wraysbury News Facebook Page much to the delight of local residents, who greatly enjoyed them and the stories behind them: during very difficult times these charming characters were a great joy in many of our lives. Now they are being auctioned as commemorative pieces of art, and a reminder of the individuals who stood up and stood out during the crisis.

The online auction (via Facebook) can be seen here the first batch of 6 have already raised an amazing £173.50, there are a total of 48 to be purchased. The vast majority of the profit from the sales is very generously being donated to WHVC, our local volunteers, who have been phenomenal during lockdown, with a few specific donations to other deserving organisations like the Thames Valley Air Ambulance – info is given in the individual auction details. I thought that the only missing Ginger was the “Benta Ginger”, to remember the amazing work and impact one person (and an embroidery machine!) can have on a whole community – but I now understand a group of ladies have already organised a stitched Ginger Benta, to join the already existent cardboard ones and even some edible ones, all to thank her for what she has done.

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