The Charity is an amalgamation of six ancient parish charities, entrusted to distribute income from its investments for the sole benefit of residents who live in Wraysbury. These investments come from bequests of stock, money and land made by villagers since 1759. Over the years the demand on the investment income has increased significantly. To reduce this pressure the trustees appeal to the residents of Wraysbury to make bequests to the Charity. 

The current Trustees are:
Debbie Robinson
Alison Brech
Alan Buckland
Simon Carter
Stuart Ford
Rev Colin Gibson
Sarosh Khan
Glyn Larcombe
Sue Nichoills
Our Secretary is Sue Chapman, 01784 483186, 12 Ouseley Road, Wraysbury, Staines, TW19 5JA. [email protected]

The trustees, working within the Charity’s constitution guides lines, are allowed to donate monies “to relieve distress, sickness and the poor: to give support for social welfare, recreation and leisure, and to offer other financial support as they see fit.” They cannot, however, pay for anything that should come from public funds.

Please contact our secretary, Sue Chapman, in writing if you know of any Wraysbury resident or of a Village project that might be eligible for our financial support. Or feel free to discuss such matters informally – and in confidence – with any of the Trustees in private.

Recent support given includes support for:
Village Halls refurbishment, support for youth activities (karate, tennis, football & cricket) Swan Radio.

We give ongoing support for Life Line, Thames Valley Hospice, Relate & Crossroads.

If you are aware of a worthy cause in need of funding (within Wraysbury only) please contact Sue.