Calling the police when you can’t speak

We can all imagine the situation, you need to summon the police, but are too scared to speak or make a noise… Many people believe just dialling 999 from their mobile and doing nothing is sufficient to raise the alarm, and the police with gps & call trace technologies will come rushing to our assistance… This is sadly not the case. The high level of accidental (phones bouncing in bags or pockets pressing the 9 key…) or malicious calls means the police might ignore silent calls from mobiles…

The police are actually very concerned about silent calls, and do understand that sometimes the public are too scared to, or are physically unable to speak to answer their questions – but it is important you follow some simple rules to ensure your plea does not get classified as an accidental call.

The following guidance from the police explains all:

Read it and tell others that might not know how to use this system… We never know when we might need it…

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