Are you prepared for possible flooding?

I know just the thought makes our collective blood run cold, but with our weather becoming less and less predictable, I believe it is more important than ever to be prepared.


Please add any constructive comments or suggestions below, if you have ideas or experiences that may help other residents in the event of flooding.

We have a local flood warden, David Francis, who has a tried and trusted group to help him, they can be contacted via Facebook or in EMERGENCY ONLY on +44 7957 123029. In the event of flooding the Wraysbury Volunteer Line 01784 482515 would be used to coordinate NON-EMERGENCY support, to leave the Flood Warden Line free for emergencies.

Wraysbury & Horton flood risk map:

You can get specific long term risk of flooding and a map specific to your own postcode here

On our front page we have a permanent link to get the up to date river levels and local resident, and former flood warden Graham Sinclair monitors them daily and gives updates via social media. Graham has created a “Flooding Bible” available to read here.

Register for flood alerts

Register for flood alerts directly to your inbox or mobile phone from The Environment Agency here they will notify you of any expected flooding, however once the flood is expected it might be too late to get properly prepared, act now to be ready if that message should come.

Plan your response

Plan how you’ll respond to a flood. Use a template to make a:

Protect your property

You can:

You may need permission to do work that will affect the flow of a river or divert flood water.

If you own a riverside property

If you own property next to a watercourse, for example a river, culvert, brook or mill stream, you must:

  • maintain river beds and banks
  • not obstruct the water flow

Read guidance on the rights and responsibilities of owning a riverside property.

Contact the Environment Agency if you have questions about your responsibilities.

Environment Agency
[email protected]
Telephone: 03708 506 506
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

If your property’s next to a waterway

Contact the Canal and River Trust to check who’s responsible for maintaining the waterway.

If you have a disability or need extra help

Ask your council if you can be put on a list to get extra help during a flood.

Citizens Advice can help make sure you’ll get support if your energy supply is affected.

Ask Floodline to send flood warnings to a friend or relative on your behalf.

Telephone: 0345 988 1188
24-hour service
Find out about call charges

Check your insurance cover

Check your home insurance, for flood protection and ensure you are compliant in full with the Terms and Conditions, and have been completely factually accurate with your insurers, as they may not pay out in part or at all, if you aren’t fully compliant. Flood insurance can be difficult in high risk areas, this government guide may help.

Flood protection organisations

National Flood Forum (charity)

Floodguards (company)

UK Flood Defences Ltd (company)

Floodstop flood barriers (company)

Flood Defence Alliance (company)

We have no experience of the above organisations, and so cannot recommend them, if you have experience of them or others, please let us know. We can add other useful links if you send them to us.


Of course we all hope it will never happen, but if it should, it is devastating, plan ahead and stay safe.

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