A little bit of common sense. Please.

The weather is forecast to get very cold again this week, dropping to sub-zero over night, and barely defrosting by day.

There is a cost of living crisis, but we do need to maintain our living rooms at a sensible temperature, 21℃.

If, like me, you routinely wear an extra pullover, you have turned down the heating in the lesser used rooms, and off in the unused rooms, and are turning off lights and un-required items more conscientiously than before, after the government grants, my energy costs are up about 25%, this figure is about the same in the other households, with whom I have discussed the issue. However you MUST maintain your living room, or kitchen or whichever room you tend to sit in at 21℃. I totally accept that an increase of 25% on energy costs is not great, and is a significant challenge for many in our community, but it is not an existential disaster. As the temperature drops, we need to ensure we stay warm enough, getting too cold is a significant risk to health, especially for the old and infirm, this is an existential risk. The energy companies will not turn off your supply if you can’t pay the bill this month, you will be able to pay-back in the summer, if you suffer significant impact from the cold, you may not get to see the summer.

Harsh I know, but real.

If you feel you are unable to maintain one room at 21℃ throughout the day, then please make use of our community warm space, in the Wraysbury Village Hall, we have a heated space available from 10am to 6pm every day, if there is demand, we can expand the provision. Arrange to meet friends there, we have refreshments available, and helpers and advice if required, you can stay as long or short time as suits yourself. It’s being heated anyway, why not make use of it?

If you are concerned about any friends or neighbours, please suggest this facility to them, or if you want help with transport to/from the warm space, or help explaining to a friend, then just “Call Tim” the WHVC phone line on 01784 482515. Tim will put you in touch with somebody able to help. It’s a community thing.

If you would like to help in delivery of The Warm Winter Initiative, or help your community in some other way, likewise please Call Tim on 01784 482515, or contact us via Wraysbury.com, we will always find a way to use your energy and enthusiasm, in a way that is beneficial to our community, and rewarding to you.

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