What is Wraysbury.com?

Wraysbury.com is the community website for Wraysbury & Horton villages.

Our Mission statement:

Wraysbury.com’s Mission is to inform, educate, entertain and support all the residents of Wraysbury & Horton through the provision of a website for all, achieved through close collaboration with all interested parties, to respectfully enhance community cohesion and positivity and promote digital access, to ensure maximal participation.

It is a website run by volunteers, by the community, for the community, which aims to cover all the views and needs of our whole community. It is completely free to use by anyone in the community, to notify others of events, clubs and societies, business and any news or general interest items that will be of interest to at least a part of our community. (About Us)

Our mission is to help connect the community, to bring us all together, through reliable information, education, and shared venture.

In effect, we hope Wraysbury.com will work like an online magazine, somewhere to browse when you have a minute to see what is going on, to read interesting informative articles, to stay connected with your neighbours. We hope it covers just about every aspect of our village life, please spend some time perusing the menus to see the range of information available, if you see a gap, please help us, to help everyone, and work with us to plug that gap. Get in touch.

It is your website, it is here to represent your individual voice, if you cannot relate to the content, then please get in touch, and help us to help you.

We do not charge, we do not track, we don’t sell your data, we are here to help and support you.

We are also running sessions, in connection with WHVC to help those without online access gain help and support through Free Tech Support to enable more people to access online services, which are now necessary to access many government services, as well as this website!

We are allied to The Wraysbury & Horton News Magazine, we share resources, and there are many overlaps, the magazine is an excellent reference resource, we work with them to ensure maximal coverage and breadth of information, obviously the hard copy can’t cover all up-coming community events, but is a fantastic addition to every home, to have at your fingertips.

If you want to help, and get involved, please get in touch if you have ideas, or information or events, run a club, run a local business let us promote it to the community, or if you just want to stay up to date, please use the services we offer. Add us to your phone Home Screen, or sign up for email notifications of our new posts (See below!)

It is your village, it is your community, this is your website!