10 New Year’s Resolutions to Make a Difference in Our Community


New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be so hard that we give up on them before the end of the month. As I like to tell my kids, bigger isn’t always better and sometimes less is more. In addition, in this day and age, I don’t think resolutions should just be about self-improvement, but about how we can help others while improving ourselves. Here are 10 simple resolutions that everyone can do throughout the year to feel better and make a difference in their community.

1. Make an effort to perform a simple random act of kindness every day.

Say hello to your neighbour. Offer a seat to someone standing on the bus or train. Wait 10 seconds before you lean on the car horn to let the car in front of you know that the light has changed! Let the person with two items go ahead of you in line at the supermarket, or Sai News. Yes, I know, these don’t seem like major things, but just think how you would feel if you were on the receiving end.

2. Make good manners an exciting new trend!

Start simple. Remember a time when we would say, “Excuse me?” when trying to politely get someone’s attention or when we bumped into someone? Manners go a long way, but unfortunately it seems we aren’t using them or passing them onto our youth anymore. Teach your kids manners through example. Forget all the new words or emoji’s added to the dictionary this year. Let’s make some old ones popular again. Make a resolution to add these words to your every day vocabulary: pleasethank you and you’re welcome. Don’t hoard them for your closest friends and family. Share them liberally with everyone you interact with, especially those in retail, customer service, and public service. They need to hear them the most! You’ll be surprised how a few kind words can make a difference in someone’s day.

3. Donate gently used clothing or non perishable food items.

Whenever you notice your kitchen cabinets overflowing with too many cans and boxes of food or you can’t fit one more jacket in your coat closet, this is your cue to get a bag and donate extra non-perishable food and gently used clothing – Support our local food bank, we collect donations at Wraysbury Village Hall between 10am and 4pm daily – but please only products with a long shelf-life. If you have left over tins & dried food after Christmas, please do donate it.

4. Think about something that’s important to you and find a way to volunteer or donate to the cause.

Sometimes, the commitment to volunteer a specific number of days or hours concerns people and may prevent them from helping. Decide what you can commit to do. Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or even a one-time event, you decide. Volunteering should make you feel good, not bad because you can’t do it all the time. There are opportunities throughout our community in many forms. Take time to do the research and think about how you can use your talents to help others. Contact WHVC here.

5. Practice Patience.

This is probably one of the most difficult resolutions since our world has become one where we want results immediately. However, if we all practiced just a little patience, we might not lose our tempers so quickly. And, if we couple patience with our small acts of kindness, just imagine how the world would truly be a nicer place.

6. Write a letter or send a card to an old friend, someone going through a tough time or maybe an aunt, uncle, or grandparent living alone.

Yes, I said, “write!” I didn’t say text, Facebook message, or e-mail. Sit down with pen and paper and write about what’s going on in your life, share happy memories, and wish them the best. I don’t do this as often as I should, but I actually feel really good after writing a long letter to a friend or relative. I also absolutely love getting those letters in the mail too! Plus, you could also help extend the life of cursive writing!

7. Explore new technology.

For some, that’s really easy. For others, technology can be a little scary. Watch kids with iPads, smartphones, etc., and they have no fear when trying new apps or features. But for someone who has lost entire documents in the past, I’m always a little anxious of where each double tap will take me. I’ve found that, when given the chance, technology can make your life a lot easier.

8. Listen more than you talk – especially with your kids.

This may be difficult if your kids are like mine and don’t necessarily like to talk, but this is where listening is crucial. When they finally do decide to open up, just let them take the lead and enjoy the fact that they do want to talk to you!

9. Save some energy.

We can all do a better job on this one, the current energy crisis is focussing our attention. Turn off the lights as you leave the room. Don’t let the tap run when you brush your teeth, put on a jumper and lower the heating thermostat, and leave the car at home and walk to your destination for local journeys. Getting out and walking through your neighbourhood will also give you the opportunity to greet and get to know your neighbours!

10. Help your community as a family.

It can be something as simple as helping out with lunch club, checking in on or visiting with elderly neighbours, or litter-picking our verges. You could even host your own neighbourhood food drive, volunteer with WHVC creating articles for Wraysbury.com or helping clean up the park, or flood ditches. Ask your children how they want to make a difference in the village and figure out a way to do it together. You will love it, it will make you closer, and benefit us all.


Happy New Year! Thank you for using this site and being a part of the our community. May the new year bring you lots of kindness, great joy, laughter, good health, and many opportunities to make a difference in your community!

If you want to find meaningful volunteering opportunities in your community, let us help you connect with organisations needing assistance in our villages. Contact us.

Many thanks, and Happy New Year from all at Wraysbury.com.

Article amended from original on, and with thanks to noblehour.com

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